Ripening Program

The avocado industry’s most successful innovation in many years has been the introduction of “Ripe Avocado Programs” and McDaniel & Chirico is on the cutting edge of this great industry advancement.

Retailers who have adopted a RIPE avocado program format have seen time and time again immediate increased unit sales of 20% to 40% and more in same store sales in quarter over quarter comparisons. This growth is primarily driven by the fact that the consumer can use the product that evening, or within 2-3 days of purchase. This ease of use has been proven to trigger an increase in impulse buying of additional units.

In addition to increased sales there is a noticeable decline in the percentage of “product shrink” due to the quicker turnover in a “properly coordinated” ripe avocado program.

The McDaniel & Chirico Difference… As a result of our years of experience in handling and providing ripe avocados to our fresh Linda-Vista™ brand avocado customers you can be confident that a McDaniel & Chirico “Ripe Avocado Program” will be a tremendous addition to you fresh avocado display. With our state-of-the-art avocado ripening facilities located in Fallbrook, California and in other strategically-located national cold-storage forwarding centers McDaniel & Chirico can supply a ripe avocado program to your specifications in your area. Contact one of our sales team members and let them help you design the perfect Linda-Vista ™ brand “Ripe Avocado Program” for you.